A decade in party politics

Whilst Andrew has now stepped back from the front-line of party politics at a local level to concentrate on apolitical campaigning , during his time as a party political activist in West London (2000-10) – and as a councillor (2006-10) – he worked on a range of issues:
Climate change: Called for the Council to establish a £1m climate change investment fund and successfully challenged the Council to sign up to the 10:10 campaign pledge to reduce its CO2 emissions by 10% in 2010
Schools expansion: Supported local amenity groups that for many years were highlighting the pressure population growth would put on primary and secondary schools – eventually the Council listened and now has a managed expansion programme in place
Health services: Queried the carryover of debt from the previous health authority and scrutinised dubious procedures around the retendering of counseling services
Housing crisis: Suggested that the Council make the Locata housing allocation system easier to use by introducing ‘auto-bidding’ – he is still pushing for the Council to implement its promised pilot
Historic buildings: Demanded action at Gunnersbury and Boston Manor Parks – and is now challenging the Council to find ways of funding the Gunnersbury regeneration that does not involve building on the corner of the park
Sustainable urban development: Led drives for further design and environmental sustainability improvements to a number of major developments across the constituency – and established award-winning Brentford High Street Steering Group to fight the decline of the town centre and catalyse regeneration
Responsible investment: Set out detailed proposals, now broadly adopted by the Council’s pension fund, to raise the responsible investment practices of the authority’s multi-million pound pension fund assets


Andrew was Councillor for Brentford Ward and Leader of Hounslow Liberal Democrats 2006-10. He first ran as a Council Candidate for Syon Ward in May 2002. Andrew spends his evenings chairing the project to regenerate the historic heart of Brentford town centre and as a trustee of social landlord Pathways.

The percentage swing at the General Election to the Lib Dems in Brentford & Isleworth Constituency was 5.2% in 2001, 9.3% when Andrew stood as prospective MP in 2005 and then 0.7% in 2010. With 23.7% vote share (12,718 votes) the constituency is one of the most winnable seats for the Liberal Democrats in the capital, after the seats already held.

When Andrew was elected as a local councillor in 2006 he increased the average Lib Dem vote in Brentford Ward from 355 to 1,106. In 2010, although he missed out on re-election, he secured a further increase in support to 1,663 votes.

In June 2009 Andrew ran a series of four well attended public debates in Brentford, Chiswick, Hounslow and Isleworth, under the banner of ‘Take Back Power Hounslow’.

Given the crisis in confidence in MPs and the political system, as a parliamentary candidate Andrew decided to go further in clarifying the value for money he wanted to bring to the local community. He committed to not claiming the London weighting allowance nor any food allowances.

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